The Tennessee Environmental Network Show of the South is pleased to offer the following Early Session Workshops on Wednesday, May 13, immediately preceding the Conference Opening Session.

ES1. EPA Brownfields Applications: Crafting a Compelling Story

This two-hour session will focus primarily on the first two sections of the four section narrative EPA MARC grant application: 1) Project Area Description and Plans for Revitalization; and 2) Community Need and Community Engagement. These two sections of the application constitute those that applicants commonly struggle with the most, due to the fact that they are essay like in nature versus the last two which are more pro-forma. Participants will be given a brief overview of what EPA is looking for in sections 1 and 2 augmented by some common errors applicants have made in the past. Participants will then be given an opportunity to work in groups with the support of table guides (consultants), and apply what they have learned to craft a narrative from predetermined community elements for those two sections, thus telling “their unique brownfield story.” Each group will be given an opportunity to share its “narrative” and receive feedback from the facilitators as well as participants. Moderator: TBD Speakers: TBD This session will be held from 9-11 a.m. in room TBD